Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Climax (Long Weekend - An Anti Climax?)

This is in continuation to the previous blog. Those who didn't read it earlier, do check it out first.
Leaving us no choice, we took the bus shuttle back to the dock. There were just three of us in the bus and an other old lady who probably is a resident of the island. For a second, it beckoned on to me that we were the same guys who cracked the JEE and there should be something that we could do. While Raghav was busy making fun of me and Jumpy was busy looking into no man's land, I was having a bemused face. My cellphone's battery died right then and hurriedly took Raghav's phone thinking of calling the insurance company. I never was in such a situation and I thought there could be something that they could help with. An experienced Jumpy turned it down quoting rather logical reasons.

Jumpy's phone rang and my idea bulb glew. It was the moment of truth. Optimistic people we were, Jumpy and I were excited :) I was surprised to see Raghav in the same usual inebriated state making fun of me yet.

It was 905PM. Upon reaching the dock, we hurriedly went into the ticket office. This guy at the counter, after listening to our story, suddenly pose a funny expression, looking behind us. For a moment, we were utterly confused.. not sure if he was being sarcastic, but when turned around, we realized that the bus driver was standing right infront, holding both of our (Raghav and I) cellphones in his hands. Can it get any worse, we thought! "Thank you thank you thank you so much" were the words.

It was the time for us to implement our plan. We informed the guy at the counter where our keys were. It was just across the street from the place where the island's docking place was. Asked him if he could arrange somebody at the other end to get it for us by the next ferry! He right away agreed to help us. Somebody actually went there at our bikes in the island and was on the phone with me but guess what, he kept telling me that he cannot find the keys. I was like... 'look right there .. just right there.. oh please... I am sure... ' etc., and bingo .. comes a reply "This must be your lucky day. You will get your keys in the next and last ferry".

There goes our Hi-Fis again. Nothing else would have brought us so much happiness. Walked into a restaurant and had a filling dinner and few beers (not me) while we waited for the next ferry to arrive. The ferry finally reached at 10:30PM. One after another, everybody disembarked from the dock and very soon, there was none around. Tension mounted in me, but finally this ticket office guy came out and had a word with the captain and there he gets my keys!! Hurray.... we got the keys!!

Now, where is the anti-climax?

We turn back smiling ......... and all of a sudden, Raghav yells at us saying his Canon High Res Camera is missing! He forgot his camera 'somewhere' in the island :)