Friday, April 20, 2007

New 'Bourne 3' Trailer Hits Web

If its May 4th the world is waiting for the spidey to strike on, I shall wait for the damon to hit on Aug 3rd.

" Joan Allen is still tough and cool as Pamela Landy: "Trying to kill him [Bourne] and failing -- just pisses him off." Damon is still beating down whoever comes across his path, with wildly driving cars or sailing through the air as he jumps from one building to the next.

The Bourne Ultimatum trailer is out. Hope I see a comparable soundtrack to the Identity. That still has a resounding effect.

Microsoft's 'Live Anywhere' Patent Reveals Multi-Component & Zune Gaming

"It looks like Microsoft has more than just games on Zune in store for the future, with a recent patent filing revealing the company's plans for a 'multi-component gaming system' that would incorporate of an array of devices, including game consoles and handhelds."

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