Friday, September 07, 2007

Long Weekend - An Anti Climax?

It was a trip with great anti-climax. It started when I overheard Jumpy planning to go to Boston on Sunday, all alone after our previous day's night-out at a certain club in NYC. I had nothing great planned for the remaining part of the long weekend and so jumped in to travel along with Jumpy. With our sleepless heads yet active torsos, we started off in my Bimmer at around 5PM from Princeton to Boston and managed to reach our destination in less than 5 hours. Hurray! We did manage to cross George Washington bridge pretty fast.

A sumptuous dinner made with lamb, some crazy stuff and we were off to the next day. After a lot of planning, Jumpy, Raghav and I still managed to start late (by 3hrs) at 11:00AM from Westborough, MA to Cape Cod, MA. Didn't need a jet to defy the google maps estimated time of 150 minutes but the BMW did it for us in less than two hours. It was nothing like usual : a fully booked parking lot, a huge multi-storeyed ferry overlooking the perfect scenery that holds the Martha's Vineyard and not so unusual desi visitors.

Boarded the ferry and we were all set to the island - Martha's Vineyard along with some unique and beautiful visitors - the pigeons that followed our ferry. It was a 45 minute ride but, the time flew off like I was on a call with someone special. Oh yeah, I am pretty much addicted to my cellphone but hmm... haven't found that someone special though. The Vineyard welcomed us with gusts of wind that flew Northeast. We had just two more hours for the next ferry back to Cape Cod and then we could head back to Boston/NJ. But we decided otherwise and planned to board one ferry later, at 7:15PM.

Car-borne, Ferry-borne and then we chose to be Bike-borne. It had been 8 years since I last rode a bike, aka the Indian bicycle. Arms tightened, legs stiffened, bellies protuded and thus began our bike journey down south to two far ends of the island. Though there wasn't any sweat that was shed, believe me, it was stressful driving against the severe wind. Our first destination Oak Bluffs was reached in less than an hour but the journey that followed latter to Edgartown was the toughest. It was never ending and so we took a pit-stop into a supposedly no man's land (beach) but we kinda intruded the privacy of many couples. Facing strict adversities, we had to leave the stop and headed to Edgartown again.

Cutting the long story short, we headed back to our boarding place (Wood's Hole) after Edgartown. Time was ticking and so we had to let go our plan to visit the South Beach. And, there went three desperate souls trying to reach Wood's Hole by 715PM to catch the second last ferry (The last ferry leaves at 945PM). Jumpy kinda led the way but it was a marathon trail back home and so he eventually followed us. Signs of despair was evident when there was just 10 minutes left and the bike gear wouldn't exceed two. I almost wrote it off and Jumpy, it seems lost enthusiasm much in advance. Raghav, the hyper energetic hare made it to a wrong destination and had to come back to the real bike rental shop which is when he saw the tortoise (myself) making it at 718PM.

Where were the bike keys?? The ferry was still right at the dock and it was 5 minutes past the scheduled time. I hurriedly looked all my pockets that were full of crap, my car keys, camera and some maps. The curse of the vineyard gave in and I found my keys; they were with Raghav. We had no stamina left in us but we just couldn't let go the ferry. A cinematic end it was .. to the journey in the vineyard, we yelled, jumped our way towards the ferry and the security at the dock signaled to the captain. There we go, we jumped in glory, pounced on the opportunity in no time and boarded the ferry and there we sailed back home. Oh wait, this isn't the climax.

Though we were tired and had sore bums, stiff muscles, we had a great time gossiping while going back to the shore. We didnt really board the return ferry by showing the tickets and so we saved our tickets. Returned them for a full refund of $21*3 after cooking up some story to the lady at the ticket office. We basically told her that our girl friends decided found some other guys at the island and so we had three unused tickets...not really :) Later, we boarded the bus shuttle and head back to the parking lot letching at some desis. It was 840PM. All was well until the hell broke lose as we walked towards our car in the parking lot which is when I realized that my car key was missing!!!! Fast recap.. remember the junk I encountered when I was trying to find my bike key? I removed the junk and placed it on the bike while I searched for the key!! Gosh oh Gosh.... F*** oh F*** ... and there goes an endless tirade.

What to do? The next ferry to the island leaves at 915PM. The bus shuttle takes 10 minutes to reach the dock. What did we do?? Clueless minds, we were. The looks on the faces of Raghav and Jumpy were priceless.

To be continued...