Sunday, June 04, 2006

Traditional Music of the South

I listen to heavy metal and can even bang my head against the hardest rock ;) but in the end, carnatic music or rather the traditional music is what really enlightens the mood.

On a weekend like now when work is inevitable at my office, I started looking at raaga (penniless option of desis) for some soothing music. Beat the hell out of Gangster for the past one month and so turned to Telugu music where I found this guy's name - KM Radhakrishnan. No wonder my guess was right that the music of his album godavari wud be a delight to my ears. The guy who played the tunes to the masterpiece Anand an year ago did it again with Godavari.

Uppongole Godavari song's tune sounded familiar but listening to saassa paapa saapa ssaama... (never mind :)) the song sung by the evergreen SPB was nevertheless a great feast. Brought to my mind this thought if there is any research into how to find the effectiveness of using music as a sympathetic medium for living beings?

Looking forward to a musical end to this weekend after cricket in the evening.